3 Important Signs Of Garage Door Spring Repair That Every Homeowner Should Know


Garage door spring repair isn't a simple do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Many garage door technicians advise against it because of the potential dangers. The average homeowner who wants to perform their own spring repair likely wants to do it to save money. However, they might end up in a situation that is more than they bargained for. Faulty DIY repairs can put personal property at risk. There are also safety risks that can result in injuries or death. Garage doors are heavy and without proper spring support, their weight will cause them to slam shut. There are different types of garage door springs. The following points are helpful in identifying failing torsion springs.


The coils of garage door springs can signal that a repair is needed. If there are gaps in the coils, it is a sign that the springs have worn out. Tension is required to safely lift and lower doors. This process will not be able to safely continue with worn-out coils. 

Manual Weight Test

It is important to note that manual weight tests should not be done if the springs are obviously broken or damaged. This is because the door's weight may cause it to slam shut. Manual testing involves simply trying to raise a garage door that appears to have intact springs, which should have minimal or no gaps in the coils. Ideally, the door will stay in position when manually raised. Things to note are whether or not the door appears to be unstable or wobbly. It should also not be difficult to raise it. The weight test can be performed fully raised or halfway, and the garage door opener should be turned off. Signs of instability are good indicators that springs are nearing the end of their lifecycle and need to be replaced.

Door Alignment

Ideally matching springs will give out at the same time. However, it is possible for one spring to give out before the other. This phenomenon may occur when critical parts of springs such as loops and clips wear out. A door with intact springs should always lift and lower horizontally. Doors that show gaps at the top of the panel likely have spring issues. Another oddity is a door that lifts up more on one side than the other, which could mean that one side has spring damage. 

A garage door technician is a good resource to use to determine if spring repairs are needed. They can use a number of factors such as the age and condition of the existing springs to determine if a repair must be performed. Homeowners should avoid attempting to manually lift a door that has obvious signs of spring damage. 


12 September 2022

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