An Epoxy Garage Floor Is An Attractive Place To Park Your Luxury Or Sports Car


If your garage floor looks ugly because the concrete is dirty and stained, consider putting down an epoxy coating. Epoxy garage floor coatings come in different colors, and they give your garage an attractive appearance. You may want an improved appearance to go with your sports or luxury car or because you want to use your garage as an exercise or hobby room. Here's a look at how epoxy garage floor coatings are applied.

The Surface Of The Concrete Is Etched Or Sanded

The success of your epoxy garage floor depends on the proper surface preparation of the concrete so the coating adheres well. There are a few ways to get the concrete ready for the epoxy. First, the area is cleared out and then cleaned as best as possible with a broom and hose.

After that, the surface is treated with acid or sanded down to get rid of the top layer and expose the pores in the concrete. An epoxy contractor might use a grinder with a vacuum attached to keep dust to a minimum. The final step is to sweep and clean the floor again and allow it to dry.

An Epoxy Garage Floor Starts With A Base Coat

The base coat of an epoxy floor contains the color pigments. These floors come in a variety of colors, so you can choose something you really like. The contractor may apply a second base coat after the first one has dried.

Once the base coat is put down, color flakes are spread around. The flakes come in different colors, so you can create a combination such as a gray base coat with black flecks or any other combination of colors you like. The flakes keep the floor from being so slick, but the contractor can also add texture so you can walk on the floor safely when it's wet.

The Floor Is Finished With A Clear Coat

After the base coats have dried sufficiently, the contractor applies a clear topcoat that seals the flakes and protects the floor from stains and other damage. The clear coat gives the floor a glossy finish so it always looks clean and shiny because of the way the topcoat reflects light.

Putting an epoxy coating on your garage floor makes your garage more attractive and easier to keep clean. If you have DIY skills, you might put the epoxy down yourself, but you may find the work too labor-intensive when you lead a busy life. Fortunately, you can hire a contractor to transform your garage floor without you having to do anything at all other than clear out your garage.


13 September 2021

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