Picking The Best Garage Door Opener


Many factors go into a garage door installation, but one big decision is the type of garage door opener you want to include. Here are some of the styles available, along with information about why you would choose each one.

Chain Drives

The first type of garage door opener that you should be aware of is the chain drive opener. With this type of opener, the door is lifted by a heavy metal chain that supports the weight of the door. This type of garage door opener is often recommended if you have a heavy garage door material, such as a thick steel door. It can be a very cost effective option, too, since there are many great and reliable manufacturers to choose from.

Screw Drive Door Opener

The screw drive door opener style uses a metal rod that works pretty much like a screw; the weight of the door is wound around the metal rod and dispersed easily for easy lifting. This type of garage door is a good idea if you want a garage door opener with longevity. It is also somewhat quieter than the chain drive, although not the quietest option.

Belt Drive

The belt drive is as it sounds. It uses a rubber belt on a conveyor-type part to lift the garage door. These are often the best choice when the garage door sits directly below someone's bedroom window. They are one of the quietest options available. However, since the material is a synthetic rubber rather than thick metal, the belt drive may need to be repaired or replaced more often. It's also not a good solution for the heaviest doors.

Direct Drive

Direct drive garage door openers are an unusual breed. The motor itself is what powers the garage door opening and closing option, and the motor moves along the track as it tows the garage door. These garage door openers are fairly new, so there are fewer options and the cost may be higher. However, they show a lot of promise in terms of their reliability, speed, and quietness.

These are some of the most common garage door opener options that you are likely to find when you approach a garage door specialist. Choosing between these options can be difficult. It's recommended that you choose a door that you like, so that you know the cost of this expensive part. From there, you will be able to use the leftover budget to choose storm proofing options, garage door openers, and other relevant parts.


30 November 2016

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One of the most exciting, memorable, and rewarding events in someone’s life is searching for his or her dream home. I certainly remember my days of house hunting fondly. If you’re currently searching for a new place, you need to consider several factors when touring potential homes. One important characteristic is garage doors. Since you’ll likely be opening and closing these doors almost every day for the next several years, you need to like them. When looking at a prospective home, pay close attention to the size, style, and functionality of its garage doors. On this blog, I hope you will discover some of the most popular styles of garage doors installed in homes today. Enjoy!