The Advantages Electric Security Gates Have Over Manual Ones


Security gates at the foot of your drive prevent several "looky-loos" and trespassers from entering your property. You can buy and install manual gates, or electric gates. Manual gates will cost far less, but there are several disadvantages to manual gates. Likewise, there are several advantages to electric gates not provided by manual gates. Here are the advantages of electric gates, in case you still don't know which type to get.

You Never Have to Leave Your Car to Open the Gates

With manual gates, you constantly have to get out of the car, open the gates, get in your car, close the gates, and repeat in reverse when you come home. At this point, it would almost be better not to have gates at all. The issue only gets worse when bad weather is brewing and swirling around outside. When you have electric gates, you press a remote button to open the gates, and press the same button again to close them. You never have to leave the warmth, dryness, safety and security of your vehicle.

You Never Have to Worry about the Gates Getting in the Way of Traffic

Manual gates frequently swing open inward or outward, depending on the hinges you requested with your gate installation. If they open inward, they rarely bother the flow of street traffic passing by your property. If they open outward, they will always be in the way of street traffic. Worse still, manual gates mean that you have to stop your vehicle on the street, walk up to the gates, pull them open, get back into your car and then drive through, all while the street traffic is either backing up behind your vehicle or trying to get around it.

Electric gates, on the other hand, often roll sideways into a wall, for quick and easy opening. The gates never interfere with traffic and never take more than a few seconds to open. Additionally the electric gates can be opened remotely when you are within several hundred yards of the gates, thereby allowing you to drive straight up and through them without stopping and/or waiting.

You Can Install and Connect Additional Security Features

Electric gates also allow you to install and connect additional security features. Examples of these security features include an intercom for visitors and guests and security cameras to help you decide if you want to answer the intercom. Then you can use an included push-button release to open the gates after seeing  and speaking to those who wish to gain entry.

You cannot do that with manual gates, since you have to come to the gate to see who is there. Then you have to open the gates with your brute strength. Those are security risks you really should not take.


14 November 2016

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