Tips To Ensure Flawless Garage Door Operation


Proper garage door maintenance does more than simply increase a garage door's lifespan. This is because it reduces the risks of property damage and injuries by ensuring that the garage door's safety sensors are in good shape. It also makes it easier to catch garage door problems before they lead to further complications, something that usually goes a long way in reducing the costs of garage door repairs. The following are garage door tips that you will find useful.

Clean garage door sensors

Garage door sensors play an important role in making the garage door safe. Since these sensors usually work by transmitting and receiving a light beam, any dirt that covers the sensors is bound to interfere with the effectiveness of the sensor. Any cobwebs that form over the sensors will also have the same effect.

To make sure that your sensors don't malfunction, clean them with a soft tissue. A damp cloth is also effective when it comes to removing any stubborn traces of dirt. The only thing that you should keep in mind when doing the cleaning is that scratches can affect the sensors the same way that dirt does. Use a soft piece of clothing, and if you need to use a cleaner, choose a soft-to-mild cleaner.

Adjust garage door force settings

When a garage door's force settings are improperly set, they can lead to garage door damage. This is so especially when it comes to garage door downward force settings. This because when the garage door downward force is set too high, the garage door can end up knocking on the ground. Extreme downward force settings can also make it difficult to detect defects such as a misaligned or bent track. This is because normally the garage door is supposed to either produce noise or stop when it has difficulty moving along the track. However, if the force settings are improperly set, the garage door may simply force its way past the bent or damaged part. This may cause further damage to the track. It may also lead to a potentially dangerous situation. Use the garage door adjustment screw to adjust the settings so that the door has just enough force to close and open, nothing more.

Realign your garage door sensors

The bracket holding the sensor in place can get bent. When this happens, it can cause garage door misalignment. This then inhibits the ability of the sensors to do their work. This is a problem that is usually signified by a blinking LED light on at least one of the sensors. This, in addition to a garage door that doesn't stop when there is an obstruction in the way, is a clear indication that your sensors need realignment.

It is possible to realign the sensors by simply bending the bracket. However, in some doors, you need to unscrew the bracket before adjusting the sensor position. For more information, contact local professionals like Brian's Garage Doors LLC.


10 November 2016

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