Answering Several Common Questions About Garage Door Springs


Your garage door can be among the more complicated parts of your house. In order to function, your garage door requires a powerful torsion spring. However, you may not be particularly informed when it comes to these systems. Therefore, you will want to make it a point to know the answers to the following few questions concerning garage door torsion springs.

What Is The Purpose Of The Garage Door Spring?

The garage door spring is essential for helping to raise and lower the door. Without this spring, the garage door's motor may not be able to lift and lower the garage door in a controlled manner. This occurs due to the intense weight of the garage door, but the tension from the garage door spring helps the motor to more easily lift and lower the door.

How Can You Know If Your Garage Door's Springs Are Suffering From Problems? 

Unfortunately, it is possible for the garage door spring to suffer a number of problems over the time that you own the system. Often, these problems will contribute to the garage door making strange grinding sounds as it is opened and closed. Furthermore, it is possible for the garage door to close unevenly and slam to the ground. If you find that your system is starting to exhibit any of these symptoms, you should have it immediately serviced by a trained professional garage door repair technician.

Is There Anyway That You Can Help Minimize The Risk Of Your Garage Door Spring Encountering Problems?

A malfunctioning garage door spring can be a disruptive issue for your house to encounter, but you may be relieved to understand that there are some ways that you can help to reduce the risk of the spring experiencing problems. In particular, having the garage door serviced by a professional every couple of years will help to extend the life of the system while also reducing the risk of the unit malfunctioning. This is because these service visits will allow the professional to repair wear and tear on the system. Additionally, the technician will be able to balance the garage door.

Every few months, you may want to add more lubricant to the garage door. This is necessary to reduce the risk of the garage door suffering damage from excessive friction. Before applying lubricant to the garage door, you should verify that it is specially designed for a garage door system. Otherwise, the lubricant may start to break down, which would compromise the protection it offers the door.


3 November 2016

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