Neighbor's Garage Door System Opens Your Garage? Upgrade Your Dip Switch Remote


If your neighbor's garage door remote opens your garage door because you currently use dip switches instead of rolling codes, it's a good idea that you upgrade your system now. Sometimes, people who install and use new garage door systems that change their codes with every use can inadvertently pick up their neighbors' dip switch codes and open their garage doors. In addition, thieves can use similar tactics to unlock and open garage doors with dip switches. Here's why you need to upgrade your garage door opener system now.

Why Upgrade Your Old Remote?

If criminals notice that your garage door opens very easily whenever your neighbor uses their new system, they may target your home later on. The individuals may hide and wait until your door opens, then enter the home and take your valuables. Thieves may also use their own handmade devices to target your home because it's easier for them to locate your codes. 

Many older garage door openers use 8- to 12-bit dip switches to operate and control doors. Dip switches allow remote door systems to create up 4,096 possible codes you can use multiple times to raise and lower your garage door. Although it may seem like a lot of codes to go through, criminals can take anywhere from 6 minutes to 30 minutes to hack your system, depending on the technology they use. You may not even know that the individuals targeted your home until it's too late.

Upgrading your system may help deter criminal behavior and keep your garage door safely closed.

Why Upgrade Your Garage Door Remote System?

Rolling code systems can produce codes you can only use once each time you use them, which helps reduce or deter criminal behavior on your property. Although you can purchase and install a rolling code remote system yourself, it's better to have a garage door specialist do it for you. A specialist can select a system that works specifically with your garage door.

In addition, a contractor may offer sound advice on how to improve the functions of your garage door, such as installing a door locking system that's compatible with your new remote opener. If someone does manage to bypass or intercept your rolling codes, a locking system may make it more difficult for the thieves to physically enter the garage and home.

For more details about upgrading your garage door opener, contact a contractor today.


22 June 2016

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