4 Things That Could Go Wrong With Your Garage Door


Automatic garage doors make life easier. That is, until they aren't working properly. A garage door that doesn't open or close properly is downright aggravating. Instead of living with the aggravation, take a few minutes to troubleshoot the problem. In some cases, it's an issue that can be taken care of quickly. Take a look and see if any of these problems sound familiar.

Garage Door Won't Close

You've tried to shut the garage door but it won't close. If your door won't close no matter how many times you push the button, there may be an underlying issue with the safety sensors. The sensors are installed on each side of your garage door. They must be aligned with each other or they won't allow the door to close. If your garage door is closing halfway and then stopping, you should adjust the sensors.

Wall Switch Not Functioning

You should be able to operate your garage door by remote control and by the wall switch located in your garage. If your remote control works but your wall switch doesn't, you may have a problem with a short circuit or a loose wire inside the wall. If the wall switch isn't working properly, try using the remote. If the remote works, you should contact your repair technician.

Garage Door Making a Grinding Noise

Is your garage door making a grinding noise while it's opening or closing? If it is, there may be a problem with the track system. You'll need to inspect the tracks. Be sure the garage door opener is unplugged before you start your inspection. Once the power has been turned off to your garage door opener, look for loose bolts or areas that might be bent or damaged. Tighten any loose bolts you might find. If you see areas that are bent or damaged, you'll need to have them repaired or replaced by a professional garage door technician.

Garage Door Reverses Midway

Your automatic garage door should reverse when there is something underneath it. That's designed to prevent crushing accidents. If your garage door is reversing midway, take a look for items that might be in the direct path of your door. Automatic garage doors are designed with safety features to prevent crushing injuries. If there isn't anything blocking the garage door, you'll need to have the reversing mechanism adjusted or repaired.

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15 December 2015

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