How To Lubricate Your Garage Door & Extend Its Life


It's easy to use your garage door day in and day out and forget that it is a piece of machinery that needs to be maintained. Garage doors are designed to be low maintenance; however that does not mean they don't require any maintenance at all. One of the easiest and simplest ways to extend the life of your garage door and prevent the need for garage door repair is by applying lubrication when needed.

Pay Attention To Warning Signs

Your garage door will let you know when it needs to be lubricated; you just have to pay attention to the signs that your garage door gives you. Your garage door may begin to make sounds when it needs to be lubricated. It may start to squeak when it opens and closes. It may also start to make a grinding sound when it opens and closes as well. 

You also need to pay attention to how smoothly your garage door opens and closes. It should be so smooth that you hardly even notice what is happening. If your garage door starts to stall or grind or starts operating more slowly, these are all signs that your garage door is in need of some lubrication.

Clean Away Old Dust And Grime

Once you have determined that your garage door is telling you it needs lubricating again, you need to clean away the old dust and grime from your garage door before you apply any new lubrication.

You'll want to focus on removing any grime that has built up along the hinges and springs, as well as along the track for the garage door. Use a damp cloth or sponge to remove any buildup. When dirt mixes with grease, it actually causes additional wear and tear to occur, which is why it is important to not skip this step.

Apply Lubricant To All Moving Parts

After you have cleaned all moving parts on your garage door, it is time to apply the lubricant. You'll want to purchase a silicone lubricant for this job.

Place two to three drops of lube onto each spring shaft bearing on your garage door as well as at the top of each spring. Then, place a couple of drops of lubricant along each hinge pivot point. Finally, place a drop of lubricant every few inches along the track.

Generally, it is a good idea to apply lubricant to all moving parts of your garage door at least once a year. You can wait for your garage door to give you warning signs that it needs a little extra lubricant, or you can just choose a date every year when you lubricate your garage door.



24 November 2015

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