Three Tips For Applying Lubricant To The Hinges On A Wooden Garage Door


When you're heading for work in the morning, you don't want to hear the unpleasant sound of squeaky hinges as your garage door opens. Luckily, all you have to do to completely stop any squeaking and ensure that your garage door opens smoothly is apply a little lubricant. But if you own a relatively fragile wooden garage door, it's important to keep these three tips in mind.

Carefully Wash Off Any Lubricant That Gets On The Wood

Even a specialized brand of lubricant for garage door hinges will wreak havoc on wood if you let it linger for too long. Although a lacquer coat on your wooden garage door will certainly provide protection, the lubricant will eventually get through.

So while you're putting lubricant on your hinges, do your best to minimize any spillover on the garage door itself. If spillover occurs, wash off the lubricant quickly with soap and water before it has time to settle. Since it could be too late to get the lubricant off by the time you find soap and a towel in your home, have everything you need for cleaning ready before you start.

Use A Spray Lubricant On Particularly Troublesome Hinges

Since wooden garage doors are more fragile than their metal counterparts, their hinges are often smaller and more intricate than normal. This is because larger hinges would put a lot of strain on the wood and invite warping.

Some hinges on your garage door might be so small that you won't be able to completely cover them with traditional liquid lubricant. Consider getting lubricant in a spray can to make your job easier and ensure that any spillover to the wood will be dispersed and easy to deal with.

Avoid Using Lubricant On The Garage Door Opener Box

Any garage door opener box has a lot of fragile moving parts in it. While lubricant might be able to improve the efficiency of some parts, others will only slow down or stop working entirely.

So unless you know everything there is to know about your garage door opener box, don't risk putting any lubricant near it. You should be especially careful with wooden garage doors because lubricant can be absorbed by the wood and travel to the space above your garage door box.

When it's working properly, a garage door is a very pleasant and convenient thing to have. While you're trying your best to properly maintain your wooden garage door, it's important to not make the situation worse with easily avoidable mistakes. Contact Raynor Door Company for more information.


4 May 2015

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