Common Storm Window Questions Answered


Keeping your home safe from storm damage starts with ensuring that the windows do not shatter from debris or high winds. However, many new homeowners are not particularly experienced with hurricane windows, and as a result, there may be some questions that they need addressed. Learning the following two questions and answers will help you decide whether impact windows are a good option for your home. 

Do Hurricane Windows Provide Any Benefits Outside Of Protection From Storm Damage?

While the protection from storm damage is the main benefit of hurricane windows, they can actually provide your home with a couple of other important benefits. For example, windows are a major source of energy loss for many homes. In addition to letting drafts into the home, there is another way that windows can reduce your home's energy efficiency.

Convective heating from the sun can increase the temperature inside your home, and this may cause your air conditioning bills to spike during the hotter parts of the year. Luckily, hurricane windows are dual paned, and this will reduce these problems. 

Lowering energy bills is a major benefit of these windows, but they can also help reduce the chances that your home is burglarized. Hurricane windows are made of highly resistant glass, and this will make it exceedingly difficult for a criminal to gain access to your home. Also, these windows are usually covered by shatter resistant shutters, and this can be an additional layer of protection for your home. 

Can You Reduce The Cost Of These Windows?

Sadly, there are many homeowners that will avoid installing hurricane windows because they assume that these windows are far more expensive than what they can afford. Fortunately, there are some programs that you can use to reduce the overall cost of this upgrade to your home. 

For example, many local governments will issue tax credits to help homeowners offset the cost of this major upgrade to the home. These credits are usually in the form of property tax incentives, and while you will have to wait until the end of the year to get these credits, they can drastically lower your end-of-the-year tax burden. 

Also, many insurance companies will lower the premiums for homeowners that have installed these windows. When storm windows are present, the odds dramatically fall that a home will sustain major storm damage, and this will lower the risk profile of the building. By taking advantage of these programs, you can substantially reduce your monthly insurance costs. 

Installing storm windows may be the best way to keep your home safe during strong storms, but there are other benefits to these impact resistant windows. By understanding the benefits and methods you can use to reduce the cost of these windows, you may find that hurricane windows are a great option for your home's unique needs.  Contact a company like Door Depot Of SW Florida Inc for more information.


9 January 2015

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